The Dirt on Plants

The Dirt on Plants 

The Dirt on Plants, a blog site written by two passionate and dedicated plant lovers, focuses on the use of plants for design, food and medicine, and products in addition to the positive impacts and benefits that plants provide. Throughout the blog, there is a deep focus on the concept of biophilic design, an innovative concept that integrates nature with man-made elements with the goal of providing benefits to human health, productivity, and physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

The blog section titled Plants as Design aims to educate on different design methods that use plants and natural elements in order to enhance a space. This includes various design types such as Xeriscape Design, Green Walls, Green Roofs, Botanical Gardens, and Mosaiculture. The Dirt on Plants explores how implementing these design techniques allows for a positive connection between humans and nature. 

Mosaiculture plant sculptures

The section Plants as Food & Medicine focuses on plants that are often consumed or cooked with in addition to plants that provide natural healing benefits. This section is broken down further into Growing Tips, where you can find tips on how to grow herbs, in addition to Recipes, which include delicious plant-based meal options. 

growing herbs

Lastly, Plants as Products encourages the use of products composed from plant-based material, such as Aloe Vera. Plant-based products contain sustainable and renewable characteristics, creating less of an impact on the environment compared to conventional plastic-based products. 

Aloe Vera

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