Biophilic Design Enhances Spacial Harmony: Social Distancing with Plants

  • Social Distance Using Plants

As we shift into a world where social distancing seems inevitable, biophilic design, an innate and genetically determined love for the natural world felt universally by humankind, plays an important role.

Adding plants and other natural elements to spaces in the built environment allows restaurants, bars, offices, and other public spaces to use lively, green barriers such as living walls or potted plants to ensure 6 foot separation. Plant-designed barriers act as aesthetic alternatives to plastic or concrete barriers, while also providing benefits to humans. For example, plants function as natural air purifiers, encompass psychological value, and boost productivity. 

TruVine Design specializes in vertical gardens, green wall design, and landscape design, adding value and innovation to both interior and exterior hospitality, commercial and residential spaces. By adding custom and moveable plant partitions to spaces based on their specific requirements, this reinforces feelings of safety and comfort for workers returning to offices and customers returning to sit-down restaurants and hotels.  Incorporating biophilic design in the built environment allows for sensory, emotional and satisfactory fulfillment while providing us with natural distancing, visual elegance and functional air purification.

Looking for a way to social distance with plants? Contact TruVine Design today.

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