Biophilic Design Flourishes Within The Workplace

  • Plants in Workplace

Although there is often a disconnect between nature and the workplace, many companies are opting for ways to change work environments through the inclusion of biophilic design. The presence of nature in a human-dominated workplace fosters a sense of beauty and aesthetic pleasure and at the same time, provides benefits to the individuals exposed to it. It is often believed that access to nature, such as live plants or animals, has one of the strongest effects on physiologies of individuals. As a result, companies have been evolving towards a more environmental-friendly workplace. 

The incorporation of nature in the workplace seems to provide several benefits as spatial design which evokes natural landscapes increases occupant health and well-being. Whether it is inclusion of windows, plants, or even images of nature, the use of biophilic design in the workplace sparks creativity and improves concentration and engagement. 

Productivity amongst employees tends to increase by about 8 percent. In addition, rates of employee well-being rises by approximately 13 percent. Retainment of staff and fewer cases of absenteeism are seen as aspects of nature and biophilia in the workplace attract individuals. 

The emergence of biophilic design in the workplace is crucial in employee happiness and success. It creates a more positive environment. Biophilic design brings offices to life. 

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