How To Choose The Best Plants For Green Walls

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Green walls, typically referred to as living walls, are unique, self-sufficient vertical gardens which are often attached to exterior or interior walls of a building. Green walls are diverse in the sense that they can be filled with so many different types of plants of varying colors, shapes and patterns. This allows for originality within each and every green wall design. However, in order to ensure plants will thrive on a green wall, the specific type of plants chosen for a living wall is vital.  

When it comes to selecting the type of plants for a vertical garden, the physical environment plays a major role. For example factors such as shade, sun, and rain patterns determine the type of plants that will grow best. In addition typical weather patterns and climate are also considered when choosing the type of plants to use. Different plants grow well in Florida compared to the type of plants that grow well in other climates such as in Colorado. When designed in full-sun and hot summer locations, green walls with vegetables and herbs do best. In dry and full-to-partial sun areas, succulents tend to do best. Furthermore, shady, bright light areas which are moist and cool during the night are perfect for green walls with ferns.  

As a result of weather and climate affecting plant growth and survival, successful plants for indoor green walls differ from outdoor ones. Indoor plants, or “houseplants,” are preferable for indoor green walls. Ideally, plants native to shady grounds of tropical rainforests which survive well in typical human-kept home and building temperatures are found on indoor vertical walls. Therefore, indoor green wall plants must be able to survive in low humidity and low light areas. In contrast, outdoor plants have less limitations as they can survive in higher humidity and higher sunlight areas. It is clear that when designing a green wall, strategy regarding the type of plants used is extremely vital.    

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